Vitamins & Supplements

Why Weight Wellness offers a complete line of vitamins, minerals and supplements to help you achieve the balance your body needs.

  • Stress B with C –  A complete B Complex vitamin to help with energy, digestive health, mood focus and concentration.  The Lipotropic concentration of choline and inositol are also present.  Added benefits of this oral supplement include Biotin to help strengthen the hair shaft and skin and nails, Vitamin C and magnesium to support cardiovascular health and an added herbal complex to help control mood and the overabundance of cortisol release while the body is under stress.
  • 5- HTP – helps control appetite, carbohydrate cravings, improves sleep and mood
  • Omega 3 ( EPA / DHA ) – Specifically blended form of Omega 3 to help decrease cholesterol and free fatty acids in the body
  • Vitamin D3
  • Enzymes – To help aid in the breakdown of food in the digestive process
  • Anti-Oxy – A proprietary blend of anti-oxidants to help aid in ridding the body of free-radicals
  • Cal-Mag – A blend of calcium and magnesium to help support the bones, cells and tissues

We also carry PURE Green Coffee Extract as featured on the Dr. Oz show

Non-Hormone HCG – A blend of amino acids that replicates the effect of body fat loss without the use of injections while on a higher caloric diet than the standard HCG protocol.

Pocket Protein – We are among the first in South Florida to carry this revolutionary new product.  A 2 oz shot of 15-20 grams of a protein, branch chain amino acid and collagen mixture!

Ice Chips – The recent winners of the Nov. 9, 2012 episode of Shark Tank.  A Sugar free diet friendly candy alternative in all the flavors you will love!  These flavors are made with Xylitol and come in a variety of different tastes such as Strawberry Daquiri, Pina Colada, Margarita, Orange and Cream, Lemon, Licorice, Peppermint, Spearmint, Mixed Berry to name a few.  We also carry the Immunity Blend which helps to support a healthy immune system.