Physician Monitored Weight Loss

Physician Monitored Fat Burning injections are not another diet pill or artificial suppressant. These are natural water based hormones present in both men and women although it is produced in great amounts in pregnant females.  Over 50 years ago, Dr. Simeons discovered this hormone which also enables the body to access all of the mother’s stored fat supply to give the developing fetus a constant nutrient supply.  This explains why undernourished women or those with morning sickness have healthy babies even with minimal food intake.  This helps the body mobilize and burn its fat stores, no matter where they are stored- and it works the same in men and women, pregnant or not.  This diet targets your “abnormal” stored fat and also reshapes and sculpts the body.  It pulls calories and nutrition from the abnormal fat.  It can provide up to an additional 2000 calories daily from your fat which can therefore reduce your “hunger cravings”.  Depending on the type of plan you chose ( injectable or homeopathic), caloric restrictions will vary.  At Why Weight Wellness, we also carry the non-hormone version which is a complete blend of amino acids that replicate the effects of the injectable version without any worry of possible risks.