I was just like you

Success comes in many forms, the most obvious is from your scale changing to lower numbers.  True success comes from really taking a look at your overall health and lifestyle and looking for ways to constantly improve upon them.  One of the biggest challenges or roadblocks I seem to hear most often about is “Not having the time to do it”.  I am always shocked by this response.  Perhaps because I know that not having the time really means:  I am working through my lunch, I am eating in the car, I am taking care of the house and the kids and my partner, and the list can go on and on.  I have always tried to teach based on experience.  I have held careers where I had more than 2 job functions at one time.  I have two small children and a spouse with a hectic job.  I have a house and bills and demands, yet I still find time for the simple pleasures like a good book or a bubble bath or even a great chick flick.  We find the time for so many other things.  Hours on the computer or in front of the TV, or even side trips to the latest yogurt shop or gas station convenience store to pick up those late night or mid day snacks.  I have done this too.  I remember not “having the time”for good health and it got me a trip to the endocrinologist and the fear of thyroid cancer at the age of 24.  Not having the time to eat right or become physically active( more so than moving from my desk to the bathroom) meant gaining those extra 30-40 lbs and feeling like getting out of bed everyday was the world’s biggest challenge.  And then one day I decided I was over this.  Day 1 – try to get through without sabotage!  Was it difficult?  Darn right it was.  I had to realize that I was taking better care of my car, than I was of myself.  I made sure my car was gassed up for long trips and the oil was changed routinely.  I washed the car until it looked like new and loving wiped the dash and the mirrors and the windows, yet taking the time to be sure I was fed seemed insignificant.  I have learned to use this analogy of a car in relation to the human body in my teachings.  Our body is fashioned just like our cars.  We need them to get us through the rest of our life – No TRADE INS.  A client once told me she stopped smoking 10 minutes at a time.  I loved this idea.  If each of us took ten minutes each day to hold off the bad things we do to our body, ten minutes to truly give our body the chance to rebel against our toxic thoughts, we would win.  Think of how silly it sounds when you say I don’t seem to have the time.  Its a matter of will you or wont you.  There is no such thing as can’t.  Don’t let yourself give in.  Food, alcohol, cigarettes….they are only the tools to deal with the stress we have in our everyday lives.  Some of us use one, some use many.  In the coming weeks we will be discussing ways to effectively handle stress.  I hope that these help you on your journey into the you that you deserve to be.

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